We design multi-sensory experiences
to build mindful relevance
for brands, products and places

We are a science and technology venture with purpose that designs sensory experiences. We extend the mindful relevance of brands, products and places.


We approach places, brands and products with scientific methodology to validate factors impacting over experiences.
We do this applying user neuroscience, biometry but not forgetting an holistic approach to sensory perception that takes in consideration the environment and emotional stimuli influencing the user.

Innovative Products

Enhance the perception of sustainable innovation products through R&D emotional features and sensory design.

Experience Design

Telling great stories to extend brands' relevance and engagement: Experience Design concept, production & multi-sensory content creation, sensory data analysis & reports


Setting up panels for disruptive innovation and smart content creation opportunity Innovation retreats designed to catalyze mindful sensory panels to enhance brands, products and places.


Relevance and experiential wellness are key to enhance the reputation and perception of a brand or place. So we design mindful experiences to enjoy beauty, calm and clarity in a messy world.

Slowing down and being present in the moment, coming back to our body experiences is really the door to our senses and gratification.

What WE think

"Our business is taking care of offering brands' audiences the best UI and UX possibile."

Simone Radaelli

"Nobody can see atoms.
Challenge yourself to exceed your expectations. Everyday."

Henry "Hoby" Wedler
Ph.D. Chemist & Entrepreneur

"I've always been deeply fascinated by everyday life experiences influenced by mindful design. We sense, than we feel. Overthinking generates emotional pollution. We all need to clean the room of our feelings, starting with senses."

Federica Belloni
Design Researcher & Founder

"We treat the materiality of spaces, and the properties of objects as a dynamic whole, mediated by the senses."

Justin Vallandingham
U.S. Director

"My true interest is writing about experiences of mindful explorations in perception to bring awareness and share beauty, calm and meaning in a messy world."

Lodovico Minelli
Director & Founder


It's not the right number for human senses. There are more, many more.


Powerful PR and marketing agencies we’re currently advising.


Hours, every year we dedicate to research and innovation activities.


Experts in the sensory design field that we connect over our network.


Are you doing pro-bono consultancies?

SENSORY DESIGN GmbH also promotes the practice of this cultural field matching with relevant cultural institutions and sound sensory design experts.

Are you part of a Group?

Yes, SENSORY DESIGN GmbH is part of Liechtenstein based Kaiser Partner Group deploying its services among an ecosystem of companies, trusts, banks. We also manage a Sensory Design Unit in the Creative Department of 21iLAB – the forward-thinking digital solutions asset of the Group.

What is your core business?

Generating identity and commercial value through innovation and sustainability 
for brands, products and places.

Let's do something amazing.

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