March 9, 2021

Visiting NOI Techpark in Bozen Südtirol


March 9, 2021

In October we got the chance to visit NOI Techpark with a delegation of Sensory Design experts among them Dr. Hoby Wedler that described his perceptions in a short video of the experience.

Experiences are not only visual.

The enriching sensory narrative of Dr. Wedler opens up to many details we usually loose while bombarded and focused only on visual stimuli.

South Tyrol's innovation district.
A stimulating surrounding for companies, institutions and the university to collaborate on research and development projects.

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What is NOI.

NOI AG, as an in-house company of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, is responsible for managing and developing the South Tyrol Science and Technology Park. Here we connect over 70 companies and innovative start-ups, 4 research institutions and 3 faculties of the Free University of Bozen/Bolzano. The entire project focuses on some leading sectors in which South Tyrol is particularly specialised: Green, Food, Digital and Automotive & Automation. In more than 40 high-tech laboratories, researchers of the 4 institutions and the University work in exactly those technological fields.

Inspired by nature, its adaptability and its sustainability (NOI stands for Nature of Innovation), we are constantly growing and adapting to the requirements of our ecosystem. We provide services for technology companies and bring the scientific subjects closer to the population as well. With the aim of increasing investment in research and development, developing new products and services and thus creating added value within the province and beyond.

Let's do something amazing.

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